Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Brief Word or Two About Leather...

1. Never ever in your life wear leather on top of leather. Leather pants and a leather bow are okay, because there is space between the two. Space leather pieces out so there's variety.

2. Put it in places that you wouldn't expect. A leather hair bow? Genius. Leather bracelets? Awesome, Just don't buy leather socks.

3. Take care of it. Having leather is a privilege, not a right. Make sure you care for it. Wash it as directed, and don't wear it to dirty areas.

4. Accent it. Show your style with it. Studded leather combat boots. A leather jacket thrown haphazardly (for a Becky G. type effortlessly cool look) over a sporty top. Leather pencil skirt with a ruffled shirt. Throw a leather belt over a tea gown for a little more edge. Just have fun with it!

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