Thursday, April 17, 2014

Because Bow Ties Are Cool: How to Wear them and Why

Are you a fan of Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor? Going to a black-tie gala? Just feel like being hipster? Well, do I have the accessory for you.

1. Necklines.

A neckline is super important for wearing a bow tie properly. Stay away from turtle necks and V necks with it. Too many angles on your neckline distract from the actual tie. Wear it with a collar for maximum effect.

2. Color.

Dressing for your skin tone is just as important as dressing in general. Talk to your friends about your best colors.


So, I hope you liked this post. I started this blog for Genius Hour at my school, and in 9 days have learned about Polyvore, how to attract followers, and whatnot. The hardest part of this blog so far is catering to other styles, because not everybody wants to look like a punk/geek chic/preppy person. Be sure to subscribe, and leave a suggestion for Palindrome Fashion in the comments. Because more decade outfits are on the way!

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