Friday, April 4, 2014

Best Fashion Moments of Doctor Who

13.  Martha Jones in "The Shakespeare Code"

"I guess I'll be happy that some guy wants to bone me, because why not, right?"

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Why this is awesome? She was wearing red leather before it became cool in around 2012. You can find a jacket like this at Guess. Not exact, but very Martha.

12.  Donna Noble in "The End of Time"

Donna Noble in The End of Time - doctor-who Photo

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This outfit is oh-so adorable and casual. It fits Donna super well! You can find the shirt look-alike at Loft, and the jacket at Coldwater Creek. The necklace look can be found from a jewelry retailer like Stella & Dot.

11. River Song in "The Time of the Angels"

River Song outfit 2

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Okay, what's more to say? This dress is perfect! A simple version with no beads or sleeves is available at Forever 21.

10. Rose Tyler in "Tooth and Claw"

Rose Tyler in "Tooth and Claw"

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Those overalls. They are just wonderful. I love them. I want them. They are at Forever 21, so I think I am going to buy them.

9. Clara Oswald in "The Name of the Doctor"

Back again! Today I’ve got a request that has been sitting in my inbox forever, Clara’s dress from The Name of the Doctor! Here are some similar dresses:$68 at Modcloth$59 at Urban Outfitters

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Why is she so perfect in this? She looks amazing! The dress is available for almost 60 dollars at Urban Outfitters. Pricey, but great color for the olive skinned ladies out there.

8. Rose Tyler in "Doomsday"

Rose Tyler Doctor Who Doomsday Costume

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So this was one of the most salty, tear filled episodes ever. But this jacket is adorable! You can buy it at Firetrap.

7. Donna Noble in "The Unicorn and the Wasp"

"What do you think? Flapper, or slapper?"
"Flapper, you look lovely."
—The Unicorn and the Wasp

Photo from

I have absolutely no criticism for this gal. She rocked this dress. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no clue where to buy this. Try Etsy or a Thrift Store, but this 20's piece is so one of a kind that fashion commoners like us can't get an exact replica.

6. Amy Pond in "The Time of the Angels"

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The shirt is available at New Look, and gingers and pale girls everywhere now know they can rock red. This sweater is flirty and fresh, and very cute.

5. Sally Sparrow in "Blink"
Blink (Doctor Who).jpg

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This was so cute. The jacket is from, but it is currently sold out. Sad.

4. Rose Tyler in "The Empty Child"

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That shirt is available everywhere. Literally. Every store carries something like it. It's fabulous!

3. Amy Pond in "The Impossible Astronaut"

Photo from

It looks ravishing. I love it. The plaid is amazing. Oh, and it's available at H&M.

2. Clara Oswald in "Journey to the Centre of the Tardis"

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The dress is freaking cute. I adore it. It's available at Asos, and is awesome for olive skinned girls.

1. Rose Tyler in "The Idiot's Lantern"

Rose Tyler and Louise Page Custom Made Dress Photograph

Photo from

This was classic. She was my favorite companion hands down, and this is my favorite outfit. The jacket is from Top Shop and the dress can be found at David's Bridal and similar retailers. I love this look, and it's just in time for Prom season!

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